Jaikishandass Mall Natural Products (P) Ltd.

About Us

The JM Group is now a fourth-generation family-owned business, founded in 1961. Since then, we have expanded our geographical presence and market-oriented product innovations. JM Natural is an arm of the JM Group focused on home, garden, decor and DIY products.

The JM Group has two manufacturing mills in the state of Odisha and West Bengal in India and two dedicated export processing units in the vicinity of Kolkata city.

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Know Our Fibers


Jute is a natural bast fibre traditionally grown in the warm and humid part of South Asia in India and Bangladesh. Infact, India is the leading jute producing country in the world. Well-known for its strength and durability, the jute plant is renewable, biodegradable with zero carbon footprint. It completely breaks down and is beneficial for the soil


Cotton is a natural fabric that sustains 32 million growers (almost half of them women) and benefits over 100 million families across 80 countries in 5 continents (Source: United Nations). India is the largest producer of cotton (Gossypium Arboreum) in the world.


Sisal is a strong and coarse fiber available naturally from the Agave plant. As sisal is durable, stretchable and water-resistant it is commonly used to make twines, cords amongst other products.


India is one of the leading exporters of coir. The naturally available coir fibers are extracted from the coconut husks. Rot-resistant by nature, this ecofriendly fiber is abundantly used for gardening purposes. The fibers are also twisted to make sturdy ropes in various deniers.

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